Agent launches portal for private landlords as well as agencies


The report dated 16/06/2015 says "A portal is launching this week that claims to be the UK’s first helping landlords and letting agents reach students looking for accommodation in university cities across the UK.


Road 51 acts as an advertising platform for property management companies and sales agents, and unlike many portals it can also be used by private landlords.


Road 51 allows users to provide as much detail as possible about their properties, from the amenities available nearby, to detailed images and videos..."


 On the bottom of the report, a number of very positive feedbacks on the launch of the portal. "Fantastic, innovative idea" one reader commented "I think this'll do very well...". Some others gave their best wishes "Yes, nice initiative. Best of luck!" "Yes, nice initiative. Best of luck!".


Posted 20/06/2015